Interim & project management:
the ideal temporary solution.

In case of personnel or know-how shortages, we provide flexible solutions by collaborating with freelance entrepreneurs as an alternative or supplement to permanent employment.

Interim managers and experts can assist with day-to-day business and assume key strategic and operational roles, both in stable and crisis situations.

Our freelance consultants are also available as project managers, transformation implementers, or strategy consultants.

Christopher Hämel

Associate Partner

Our flexible solutions, freelance experts, and experienced implementers ensure quick and successful filling of project positions and interim mandates.
With our extensive experience, we understand the importance of quickly and precisely understanding your requirements, starting directly without complications. We are agile, confident in the process and project management. As specialists, we have an excellent network both online and offline, and we don't just search, we find the best interim managers!

"The self-employed are essential to the German economy."

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Advantages of interim and project management

Flexible and fast:
From needs analysis to contract in just a few days, we deploy interim managers, experts, and freelance consultants flexibly wherever expertise is needed. You can decide on the scope and utilization.

You will benefit from our extensive management experience and industry expertise, as well as the latest market knowledge and best practices from comparable projects.

Objective and experienced:
Interim managers and experts offer fresh perspectives to challenges. Our freelance consultants, in particular, are change experts who assist companies in achieving their projects on time, within budget, and with high quality.

Effective and agil:
Interim managers and experts can help cover peaks and gaps in day-to-day business. Freelance consultants, on the other hand, can provide support for strategic orientation and are particularly experienced in implementation and driving results.

You will receive full transparency of costs and fees through either direct mandate or classic contracting. This will lead to greater satisfaction among our interim managers, experts, and freelance consultants, as well as our customers, due to the ease of comparing profiles.

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Our Success-Stories

National food manufacturer and retailer
(3,700 employees, 1.2 billion euros in turnover)

Freelance consultant for the CFO with the aim of establishing comprehensive liquidity management to manage the company more efficiently.

Owner-managed manufacturing company
(3,500 employees, 500 million euros in turnover)

Interim HR expert in implementing relevant restructuring measures within national production as a valuable contribution to ensuring Germany as a working location.

Owner-managed consumer goods manufacturer
(350 employees, 200 million euros in turnover)

Interim manager in quality management and when implementing a 'product defense procedure', in particular as part of further internationalization.

Regional energy provider
(1,400 employees, > 1.0 billion euros in turnover)

Interim manager for IT service delivery management with the aim of successfully completing internal project assignments as moderator and escalation manager in quality, time & budget.

International family business
in the fashion industry
(5,000 employees, 1.0 billion euros in turnover)

As Interim Accounting Manager, responsible for all shared service teams as well as the implementation of the EU taxonomy and the introduction of a hedging model.