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We specialise in recruiting expert and management positions in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region.

Hire Vision

Monday, finally!

Is Monday a great day of the week? Absolutely! We believe so. When all elements align, inspiration ignites, and every task is approached with zeal. We ensure that not only tasks and competencies are in harmony, but also values. This cultivates meaningful and inspiring collaborations, each day a fresh opportunity.


Permanent and interim positions in medium-sized enterprises.

Our expertise lies in swiftly and dependably sourcing top-tier talent from premier candidates. Through agile methodologies, we facilitate connections between individuals and forward-thinking companies. We prioritize our clients' needs, serving as trusted advisors and effective problem-solvers. We are the ideal partners for those who value action.


Value out of conviction and passion.

We ignite your ideas, recognizing that attitude is key. By leveraging insights from our clients and approaching challenges with a solution-oriented mindset, we make strategic decisions to propel your company forward and ensure its readiness for the future. That's our commitment.


It is only good
when it feels good.

As 'entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs,' we fulfill our role by asking the right questions, actively listening, drawing insightful conclusions, and acting in the best interests of your employer brand. This cultivates trust and loyalty, delivering enduring value for both our candidates and clients.

hire connection

There is the world in which people
love to go to work.

We are passionate about service and performance, and this passion is evident - in our demeanor, in our open dialogue, and in the outcomes of our collaboration. Collaboration holds significant meaning for us. Trust and equality shape our relationships. The foundation of trust lies in expertise, character, and respect. Our decisions are made through consultative, reflective processes, always with the collective interest in mind. That's why we surround ourselves with individuals who resonate with our values, both professionally and personally.


Ensuring people start their Monday with a smile on their face.

Using agile methods, we connect personalities and future-oriented businesses. We dedicate the necessary time to our clients. We act as trusted advisor and problem solver – side by side with deciders.

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We work until inspiration strikes.

Our Team

Christopher Hämel

Associate Partner

Marcus Heinrich


Sandra Heinrich

Manager Contact Relations

Laura-Felicia Kraft

Manager Contact Relations

Hagen Sinapius


Jasmin Verriello

Manager Contact Relations

Heilgard von Diest

Manager Contact Relations

Konstantin A. Werner


Lena Merlau

Manager Contact Relations

Sonja Werner

Assistant Contact Relations




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Justus Brödder

Assistant Contact Relations

Eva Schreiner

Associate Consultant

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We are motivated by conviction. You will observe this in our demeanor, our openness to dialogue, and the tangible outcomes of our partnerships. Mutual respect and trust are deeply ingrained in our ethos, defining how we engage with others on equal terms. Trust, for us, is founded on competence, integrity, and mutual respect. Our decisions are made collaboratively, with careful consideration, always with the broader picture in mind. This is why we seek out individuals who align with our values – professionally and personally alike.